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STRESS! Our Friend or Foe?

STRESS! Our Friend or Foe?Stress is a double edged sword. Without it we are weak. With to much of it, we can be prematurely destroyed.

Stress makes bones stronger, muscles stronger and gives them endurance. Stress stimulates our immune system and helps us fight infection. Inflammation causes reactions in our body that promotes healing; the stress of gravity on our body keeps us steady.

On the other hand, excessive or repetitive stress can weaken us and break us down.

The body experiences three types of stress: Physical, chemical and mental.

Physical stress includes the wear and tear of moving, lifting, sitting, walking, running, and other physical activities. Chemical stress includes the food we eat, the air we breathe, the drugs we take and the environment we live in. Mental stress is how we view the world and the events that surround us.

Physical, chemical or mental stressors are not necessarily bad or good but some are better for us and some are not good.

Exercise is a physical stress that when performed regularly and correctly, strengthen our body and actually relieves other forms of stress. Repetitive sitting stresses our body in a bad way. Eating healthy and avoiding harmful chemicals such as smoking, excess alcohol, sodas, fast food, and polluted air protects our body and build immunity and health. Sleep helps the body heal and lack of sleep breaks down the body faster. Not managing finances, relationships or our own thoughts about things can mentally stress us out and break us down.

It is about balance. Embracing the activities that build health and resist attack on the body such as regular physical exercise, eating healthy nutritious food and getting plenty of rest build up out internal resistance to external stressors, real or imagined, to maintain a state of balance and helps to maximize our potential.

Look at your lifestyle. Are you managing stress with healthy activities or by neglect allowing stress to overrun you? Lifestyle is the cure (healthy lifestyle) or the culprit (unhealthy lifestyle). You have the power in the choices you make. Make the healthy choice each and every day and make stress work for you.

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