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Knowlege Is Power - Or Is It?

Knowlege Is Power - Or Is It?Every day I consult with patients who bring their problems to my office seeking help. In the conversation during the consultation it becomes quite clear that lifestyle has a significant influence on the reason they are in the office and having a problem.

The question is then asked. aii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½What do you KNOW you need to do to improve your health?aii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½

They know and they answer. They KNOW they should exercise. They KNOW they should eat better. They KNOW they need to lose weight. They KNOW they need to get more rest. They KNOW they need to be more disciplined. They KNOW they need to return to spirituality. They KNOW they need to manage their anger. They KNOW they need to make right a contentious situation with another person. They KNOW they need to make that call. They KNOW they need to go back to schoolaii¿½i¿½ii¿½i¿½..and the list goes on and on.

They KNOW yet they do not do. To KNOW and not to do is really not to know.

Knowledge alone is not power it is potential power. It is what you DO with that knowledge that makes a difference. The problem is that knowing and not doing creates problems and even though they know, they do not do and suffer. It is only when things get bad enough and the pain of NOT doing is greater than the doing that people take action.

In Physical health there is so much information and knowledge out there that it can be confusing as what is knowledge and what is junk.

For your convenience here is some knowledge that you can take action on immediately and safely create changes. The foundation of health involves four main areas. Exercise, Nutrition, Rest and maintaining a stable and strong spine and nervous system.

Get regular exercise, 6 days per week to lubricate joints, reduce stress and balance out all the sitting you do. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes and lean sources of protein such as chicken, turkey and fish and drink lots of water to fuel your body. Get plenty of rest to repair and restore your body. Maintain your spine and nervous system that controls and coordinates all body functions by getting checked by your chiropractor.

Now you KNOW these things are necessary for good health now and into the future. Start taking action NOW so not only will you KNOW about but be able to do something about it. Action is the magic to maximize your potential and live the 100 Year Lifestyle.

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