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Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Patients Bill of Rights and ResponsibilitiesWithin the health care reform talk is the concept of a Patients Bill of Rights. This includes the ability of the patient to be able to be informed of as many options possible without prejudice so that they can make an informed decision; The ability to ask questions; The ability to review their health records; The ability to keep their same physician if they change health plans; The ability to have wellness care as a covered benefit; The ability to utilize licensed complimentary health care practitioners; The ability to have an intermediary help settle disputes with insurance companies;....etc....
Many times patients feel trapped by the insurance company and/or the doctor. With the wealth of information available on the internet, people are learning more about their conditions, able to access research that describes possible treatments and the effectiveness of the treatments they are receiving. Armed with this knowledge they are asking lots of questions of their doctor and/or insurance as to why they will not use or pay for therapies that may possible go against the traditional care but shown to be effective.
From this health care providers view I welcome a patient who takes their health seriously that they research and ask questions about treatment and options instead of just blindly following orders and not knowing why.
But there is another part of the equation that is too often forgotten and that is the patient's responsibilities.
Doctors do not heal. They assist the patient to heal themselves by their recommendations, prescriptions, modalities, treatments, and guidance. The body heals itself. The patients can help or hinder the healing process.
Since it is estimated that 70% or more of the problems people go to doctors for are lifestyle related, addressing this aspect is crucial for healing to take place. The patient's responsibility is to clean up their lifestyle which includes nutrition, exercise, rest, posture, attitude, environment and following the directions of the doctor that both patient and doctor agree upon.
Doctors, the government, or insurance companies do not bring about health. Health comes from within and in 90% of the cases relates to a patient's lifestyle. 10% may have genetics play a role but lifestyle can heavily influence the genetic component, suppressing it or allowing it to flourish.
The bottom line is that the doctors can influence, genetics can influence, and even insurance companies and the government can influence but they do not determine. Only the patient ultimately determines the outcome in the vast majority of cases and that determination comes from the pillars of health that are addressed regularly and worth mentioning again. Exercise, regular and appropriate; Nutrition, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, and minimal amounts of animal protein; Sleep/Rest, regular and rejuvenating; Good Posture, in all your activities; Attitude, positive supportive to oneself and others; Healthy Environment, physically and mentally; and a fully functioning spine and nervous system to control and coordinate the body's function utilizing chiropractic care to align and protect that system.

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