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A Weighty Problem

A Weighty Problem
For the past 10 years we have seen the data that shows that in the US, 60% of the population is overweight and 30% is obese.

There have been copious amounts of warnings and programs to help people lose weight. Overall it is not working.

The latest figures show that the numbers are increasing. More people are overweight and more people are obese. We are moving in the wrong direction.

Obesity can lead to a whole plethora of problems including, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, some cancers and excess stress on muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons leading to pain and suffering.

We are winning a game we do not want to win, the biggest country in the world!

This will result in increasing cost to all of us in regards to how much will be spent on health care or more specifically crisis care. The total cost of obesity and it problems will be in excess of the total of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined!

This has got to stop! Each day I see people with back problems, extremity problems, endurance problems, healing problems and a whole host of problems that all have being overweight as a primary influential factor.

70% to 90% of problems people seek medical help for are lifestyle related and only 10% to 30% are hereditary. That means that 70% to 90% of the problems we face are preventable!

We all need to live healthier. We can exercise and stretch regularly. We can make better choices in regards to the foods we eat. We can consult with experts to help us in these areas. We can manage our stress, mostly self inflicted, and better and balance our lives with a little discipline.

We are all guaranteed two pains in life, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. One weighs ounces the other tons. The choice is yours.

Start today and know where you stand. Consult with your doctor and see what your score is. Your height, weight, blood pressure, blood work and know your numbers. Then start making LIFESTYLE changes to discipline yourself to live a healthier life. Doing this will change your numbers for the positive.

If you need medication to assist you, you still need to exercise and eat right, get plenty of rest and keep your spine and nervous system function at its optimum. The time on the medications will be shorter and you will take control of your life as you discipline your lifestyle. This is the key, change your lifestyle change your destiny.
Our choices determine our destiny, good or bad. You cannot afford to make bad choices when it involves your health. Make the right choice today and every day and life the 100 Year Lifestyle you were meant to live.

Ai¿½2011 Dennis R. Buckley, DC

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