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You Can't Afford To Get Sick In This Economy

You Can't Afford To Get Sick In This EconomyThe number one cause of bankruptcy in the US is injury or illness that drains the financial resources of an individual or family. This is true for people with insurance.

Illness and injury rob you of your health, vitality, time and money. The good news is that it is estimated that 70% of the problems people go to doctors for are preventable. It is
estimated that genetics plays a role in 10 to 30% of problems but lifestyle plays the biggest part.

In this economy with uncertainty of employment, insurance and the government, you must take matters into your own
hands. The fact is that you might live a lot longer than you ever planned and this is creating a host of problems that people never imagined.

It is estimated by 2045 that there will be a 746% increase in people living to be centenarians (100 years old) and children born after 2000, it is estimated that 50% of them will live to be 100!

Are you prepared physically, financially, emotionally and
mentally to live that long? Now would be a good time to start as a serious illness or injury or a long developing illness such as Alzheimers could ruin you financially not to mention physically and emotionally.

With the new government health plan I would recommend that
putting your faith in that plan may prove to be very
disappointing. The only "health plan" that you can count on is your own.

Adjust your lifestyle to include regular physical
exercise including endurance exercises, strengthening exercises, stretching and proper structure. Fuel that system with good nutrition and get rest and have a reason to get up in the morning. This "Plan" will pay far higher dividends than an "illness or injury plan" (The majority of insurance)

You or your family cannot bear the cost of an illness or injury plan so start today and put in place a "health plan" that you control and enjoy.

©2013 Dennis R. Buckley

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