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Are You Disorganized?

Are You Disorganized?Your body is made up of cells. These cells make up organs such as your heart, liver, kidneys, skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nervous system. The organs all need to work together and these organs make up your body coordinated by your brain and nervous system. Simple? Yes?

The body is made up of trillions of cells and they must all be organized in a way that they communicate with each other and perform their jobs for the welfare of the entire system. This is a daunting task and luckily we have an innate intelligence in our body that through the autonomic nervous system "runs" our body without us thinking about how to do it.

Now we can help it run better and more efficiently by keeping it organized and in the best possible condition. Exercising, eating healthy, getting rest and having a spine and nervous system that is working without interference or with ease help's to manifest our potential.

Sign of disorganization in the body may be silent at first. Cancer cells at first show no apparent signs of problems. Later when they have had a chance to multiply the first symptoms of cancer may show up.

Symptoms are the way your body is telling you that there is disorganization or that the body is operating with a lack of ease or dis-ease.

Pain is a common symptom people experience and the most common treatment is to take something for the pain. Usually this is over-the-counter pain relievers or you may even use prescribed pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxers. The pain or symptom is not the problem. There is something causing that pain. Pain is the effect. Only dealing with the effects is dangerous. There is disorganization or dysfunction in the body causing symptoms.

The true goal of treatment is to get to the cause of the problem or organize the disorganization. Many times the true cause of the disorganization is neglecting the things that keep you organized such as regular exercise, eating healthy food, getting proper rest and having a spine and nervous system that is organized and operating with ease.

Doctors of chiropractic or DC, which can also stand for Doctor of Causes, is a great place to go to find the true cause of your problems. This coming year get organized and manifest the health you were meant to have.

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