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Why Chiropractors Are So Happy?

Why Chiropractors Are So Happy?I had a new patient who had just moved from New York to LA and she was a marathon runner. I treat lots of runners so through referral she found me. After we first met she said, "In the 4 cities I've lived, I have had to find a chiropractor and every one I found was so happy. Why are you guys (and gals) so happy?"

It was simple, I love what I do. This is not "work" to me but a passion and a career to help people with solutions. I love coming to the office and helping people.

I think that is the number one reason chiropractors are so happy. They are involved with meaningful work, helping people and making a difference.

I would say also that a vast majority of chiropractors came to this profession through personal experience of receiving chiropractic care.

I never chose to be become a chiropractor, it chose me. I know it might sound religious but my experience as a patient first, coupled with challenges and achievements set the ground work for a question that was asked of me on November 24th 1986. My chiropractor, Dr. Scott McCall in Costa Mesa asked me what I was going to school for. I did not know yet and he suggested I look into the chiropractic profession. That day I called the two local chiropractic colleges and visited one that afternoon and after I saw and heard I knew this was what I wanted to do and now 27 years later, 20 in practice, I have never looked back except to say thank you.

I truly love my profession and what I get to do each and every day. My patients, my staff and my community all are important to me and that is why every day I cannot wait to get to the office, or go to the football game to be team doctor, or go to the company to do a health talk, or just to mentor another student looking to find their way.

Can your doctor, mechanic, CPA, gardener, attorney, etcÂ…say the same. You know which ones love what they do by their attitude in performing their service and in how well they do it.

I was touched physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by the chiropractic profession. Come experience what I experience every day and let us touch your life to help you live healthier and happier.

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